Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Yu Darvish, Victor Martinez, Carl Crawford

Let's do a couple of quicks hits across each AL division:

In the West, the Rangers signed Yu Darvish to a six year deal worth about $60 million, with the possibility of another $10m in incentives. This is in addition to the $51 million they had to bid in the posting process.  Seems like an awful lot of money to pay for a pitcher who is essentially a top prospect. He will be filling the recently departed (to the Angels, not in the dead way) C.J. Wilson's spot at the top of the Rangers' rotation. I remain skeptical of the newest super hyped "best Japanese pitcher ever." After surviving through both Hideki Irabu  (pour some out) and Kei Igawa, as well as witnessing the the legend of Daisuke Matsuzaka, I need to be convinced. Maybe he will be the first Japanese import to see long term success as a pitcher, but Dice-K and his mythical gyroball were supposed to serve that function 4 years ago.

The Tigers lineup took a major hit yesterday when it was announced that Victor Martinez will probably miss the entire season with ACL surgery. The lineup looks slightly less imposing with the inconsistent and confusingly named Jhonny Peralta protecting Miguel Cabrera. One can only speculate that this may put them in the market for a bat (Carlos Pena perhaps?).

Carl Crawford had arthroscopic wrist surgery. The Red Sox best hope is that he heals quickly and also remembers how to be a somewhat productive major leaguer. That is, not the offensive blackhole he managed to be in 2011.

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