Tuesday, July 2, 2013

American League Midseason Awards

It's pretty much smack dab in the middle of the season, so let's take a look at who I think would be winning the major awards at this juncture.

Sorry Chris Davis, you're having a great year, but Miguel Cabrera is some sort of android. An android that runs on tequila and bad decisions, but an android none the less. Thus far Miggy has gone .369/.456/.672, which are just stupid numbers. Numbers rarely seen this side of Barry Bonds. I was firmly in the Trout camp in 2012, but Cabrera is the hands down choice this year.

AL Rookie of the Year.
Jose Iglesias, I guess. What he's doing is absolutely unsustainable. Iglesias boasts a .465 BABIP, so he's going to come crashing down to earth. In 133 AAA plate appearances this year he hit .202/.262/.319. Compare that to his .409/.455/.530 in 145 big league PAs and you know something is fishy. However this isn't about sustainability or real value. It's about performance. So, with those numbers and a lack of other good options, good on you Jose.

AL Cy Young
Max Scherzer. 12-0 is impressive. I know wins are wholly overrated, and indicate very little about a
pitchers actual performance, however to be 12-0 at this point in the season requires quite a bit of dominant pitching and good luck. So, still impressive. Scherzer has also managed to strike out 10.69 guys per 9 innings, while keeping his ERA at a lovely 3.10 (2.68 FIP). He was also dynamite in Wayne's World. 

If I have the time, I'll do a rundown of the National League tomorrow. Hint: Puig across the board!

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