Wednesday, July 3, 2013

National League Midseason Awards

Paul Goldschmidt. After having a breakout season in 2012, Goldschmidt has continued what he started last year. Also making me consider fantasy baseball suicide after dropping him instead of Brandon Belt last April.
Anyway, Goldy's .302/.380/.553 line along with 20 homers and 8 steals put's him slightly over David Wright or Buster Posey in my mind. I also needed an excuse to include another picture from a Mike Myers movies.

NL Rookie of the Year:
Yasiel Puig. Like Iglesias, Puig will definitely not end the season batting over .400. Unlike Iglesias, Puig has the tools and talent to be a legitimate all star.  I think he can settle in at .320/.380/.550. Which are still crazy good numbers. He also pimps a HR like an absolute boss.

NL CY Young:
Since the theme of the NL awards seems to be young phenoms, I have to go with Matt Harvey. His ERA and FIP both stand at 2.00 even and through 117 innings, he's struck out 10.15/9, leading all NL starters. Wainwright, Lee, and Kershaw all make legitimate cases and could be considered. Since Harvey is the most interesting and strikes the most guys out, he's going to be my pick. He's also posing nude in the ESPN body issues. Which is unrelated, but goddamn I bet his glutes are rock solid.

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